Your Guide to Personal Injury Insurance in Florida

Accident insurance

Even if you don’t own a motor vehicle or think you won’t need insurance, accidents can happen anytime, and it’s essential to be prepared. By familiarizing yourself with the basic aspects of personal injury insurance in Florida, you can protect yourself and ensure that you’re informed in the event of an accident.

Find here an overview of the primary types of personal injury insurance policies available in Florida. However, it’s important to note that you should always verify the specific terms and conditions with your insurance company before purchasing a policy. Insurance policies, minimum coverage requirements, and terms and conditions can vary from state to state and, sometimes, from one insurance company to another.

PIP – Personal Injury Protection

  • This insurance is mandatory in Florida for everyone who owns a motor vehicle.
  • It covers medical bills and related costs, no matter who was at fault. 
  • PIP covers 80% of all necessary medical expenses.
  • In Florida, the minimum Personal Injury Protection policy is $10.000 for every motor vehicle owner with four wheels.
  • PIP covers medical costs for injured policyholders and passengers, even if some don’t have health insurance.
  • It does not cover property damage.

PD – Property Damage Liability

  • This insurance is also mandatory in Florida for everyone who owns a motor vehicle.
  • This insurance pays for damage to another person’s property caused by the driver or anyone driving their insured car. 
  • In Florida, the minimum Property Damage Liability policy is $10.000 for every motor vehicle owner with four wheels.
Keep all your insurance information at hand in case an accident happens.

BIL – Body Injury Liability

  • This insurance pays for severe injury or death to others if the policyholder is the one who causes the accident or someone else is driving their car (with their permission).
  • It covers injuries up to the limits of the policy.
  • This insurance is not mandatory in Florida.

UM – Uninsured Motorist

  • This insurance is not mandatory in Florida but is also recommended.
  • It covers medical expenses for policyholder and its passengers if the driver at-fault has no insurance or there´s no information about it, for example, a hit and run.
  • According to the Insurance Information Institute, by 2019, Florida had 20% of uninsured motorists, occupying the 6th position with the highest percentage nationwide.

PL – Personal Liability Coverage

  • This insurance protects homeowners if they (or household relatives) are responsible for damages or injuries to others.
  • It covers injuries occurred on the policyholder property, damage to others property, lawsuits if sued over an accident, and dog bites.
  • This insurance doesn´t cover car accidents, intentional harm, policyholder injuries and business claims.

These are just the main types of insurance you can acquire. To learn more about Florida’s different insurances and policies, check the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles  and the Insurance Information Institute.

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