Record-Breaking $206B Settlement: the Highest Personal Injury Compensation in the U.S.!

You read that right: $206 billion was settled in the case against the four largest tobacco companies in the United States in 1998. This case made history as the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement. To this day, it remains the personal injury case with the highest settlement in U.S. history.

The companies Philip Morris, R.J. Reynolds, Brown & Williamson, and Lorillard were sued by attorneys from 46 states. The lawsuit sought compensation for the significant financial burden tobacco illnesses placed on the state healthcare system. 

The outcome was a groundbreaking settlement that ended up with these companies not only paying $206 billion to the 46 states over 25 years but also committing to:

  • Cease some of their marketing practices
  • Perpetual financial support for medical costs associated with smoking-related illnesses
  • The creation of the Truth Initiative, an anti-smoking advocacy group. 
  • The dissolution of three tobacco-related organizations: the Tobacco Institute, the Center for Indoor Air Research, and the Council for Tobacco Research.

This case represented a pivotal moment for the tobacco industry, as it limited their ability to freely promote their products, particularly among young individuals. The impact of this settlement is immeasurable and believed to have prevented countless respiratory illnesses and cancers. The legacy of this case continues to shape public health efforts and stands as a testament to the power of justice. 

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