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What´s the secret behind the IV Therapy?

Intravenous (IV) Nutritional Therapy delivers a powerful dose of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other vital nutrients directly into the bloodstream to improve the effects in your system. Your body instantly uses these nutrients because they bypass the digestive process.

Did you know? Even the healthiest bodies can only absorb about 50% of the vitamins and hydration from food, beverages, and supplements. Only 15% of the active nutrients can eventually reach your cells.

IV therapy can help you detoxify, nourish, and hydrate your cells from the inside out, resulting in long-lasting benefits. This therapy is becoming increasingly popular among celebrities and athletes who want to look and feel their best. Still, it’s available to anyone who wants to improve their health and well-being.

Discover the wide range of options we have for you:



A booster shot is an excellent way to start your way into the IV therapy world. It is a single intramuscular shot filled with essential vitamins, minerals, and more. Try this quick and effective method to start feeling brand new in the blink of an eye.

Tri-Immune: Vitamin C, Glutathione, Zinc

Tri-Immune is a powerful immune-boosting formula that combines three essential nutrients: vitamin C, glutathione, and zinc, to support the body’s natural defenses and promote optimal health.

Vitamin C protects against harmful pathogens and free radicals; glutathione detoxifies the body and supports immune function. In contrast, zinc helps immune cell production and regulates inflammation.

These three ingredients create a potent defense against illness and infection, making Tri-Immune an excellent choice to support your immune system all year round. Try it today to give your body the tools to stay strong and healthy.

The Energy-Boosting Vitamin

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that supports many vital functions in the body, including energy metabolism and immune system function. It helps to reduce fatigue and provide the energy needed to power through the day while also supporting immune system function for optimal health and wellness. B12 is a valuable nutrient for athletes, busy professionals, and anyone looking to feel their best every day. Try this energy-boosting vitamin today and experience the difference it can make for your body and mind.

Vitamin D: Strong bones elixir

This vitamin promotes bone health by enhancing the body’s ability to absorb calcium, an essential mineral for strong bones. It is known to help prevent osteoporosis, a condition characterized by weak and brittle bones that can lead to fractures and other health complications.

Micc + B12: Metabolism booster

This supplement contains Methionine, Inositol, Choline, and Cyanocobalamin, which are lipotropic agents that facilitate the breakdown of fats during metabolism, which can help reduce body fat and improve overall health.

Additionally, Inositol and Choline, two essential nutrients in this supplement, have been found to offer benefits beyond weight loss. Studies suggest that these components may improve cognitive function, alleviate symptoms of depression, and have many more benefits. Therefore, incorporating this supplement into a healthy lifestyle may support weight loss goals and provide other health benefits.


Mineral Blend: Toxins remover

This blend helps to remove toxins from the body while replenishing essential vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6. These vitamins promote optimal nervous system function, behavior, memory, and learning.

In addition, this mineral blend helps fight infections and promote wound healing by regulating cholesterol, glucose, and carbohydrate metabolism. Furthermore, these minerals have been shown to support cognitive function and may improve fertility in both men and women. Therefore, incorporating this mineral blend into a balanced diet can provide numerous health benefits and support overall well-being.

Biotin: More than just stronger hair and nails

Biotin is a nutrient that is important for several aspects of health. It has been linked to stronger hair and nails. Still, it is related to many more benefits, like maintaining healthy sweat glands, nervous tissue, and bone marrow. Additionally, biotin has been shown to play a role in metabolism and may help improve blood glucose levels.

Vitamin C: Immune system guard

It is a powerful antioxidant vital to the body’s overall health. This essential nutrient helps to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals and supports the maintenance of healthy skin, teeth, bones, cartilage, and blood vessels.

Glutathione: Antioxidant and Detox Boost

Helps cleanse the body of toxins and free radicals that lead to hyperpigmentation, age spots, solar blemishes, wrinkles, acne, and even melasma. It also has anti-inflammatories benefits.

Lipostat Plus: Powerful nutrients for weight loss

This is a supplement designed to support healthy weight loss, using a combination of nutrients known as lipotropics. These include Methionine, Inositol, Choline, B6, and B12, which work together to break down fat and bile in the liver. By improving liver function, Lipostat Plus can aid in weight loss and promote better overall health, reducing the risk of conditions such as cirrhosis.


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When you get an IV infusion, you receive vitamins and minerals directly into your veins.
This therapy can last from 20 mins up to one hour and has lasting benefits for your overall health and wellness.
Check out our options here:


Revitalize your mind and boost your cognitive abilities. Our formula enhances your brain’s processing power, improves learning and memory retention, and sharpens your focus.


Our powerful blend of vitamins and antioxidants eliminates toxins, rehydrates your body, and fights illness and fatigue. Let Hydromax elevate your health and keep you feeling your best.


Step up your game with Vitafit – the ultimate performance-enhancing intravenous therapy. Our potent formula reduces recovery time, boosts resistance, and improves muscle strength. By stimulating growth hormone production, Vitafit helps you achieve peak physical performance and increases energy levels.


Designed to minimize swelling and alleviate abdominal and lower back pain. Say goodbye to irritability and discomfort with our powerful formula.

Skinny IV

Transform your body with Skinny IV – our specially designed intravenous therapy that helps you lose weight, improve overall health, and combat stress-induced weight gain. Skinny IV allows you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and achieve your weight loss goals.

Myer´s cocktail

Experience the gold standard in general wellness with this cocktail—the perfect boost for your immune system and nutrient replenishment needs. With powerful nutrients and vitamins expertly blended into one IV treatment, you can feel revitalized and refreshed in no time

Internal Beauty

This powerful treatment fights acne, wrinkles, and tired skin from the inside out, enhancing your youthful appearance and protecting against UV damage. Our expert blend of nutrients and vitamins helps boost collagen production, reinforcing elasticity and eliminating toxins. Experience the ultimate skin rejuvenation, regeneration, and recovery, leaving you a radiant glow.

Hangover over

Say goodbye to hangover symptoms and hello to a better day. Our powerful blend of nutrients and vitamins relieves hangover headaches, nausea, and dehydration, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. Not only does our therapy detoxify the body and boost energy levels, but it also reduces stress, relieves chronic fatigue, and strengthens the immune system. With added benefits such as lower inflammation and vital organ cleansing, you can get back to feeling like your best self in no time.


Feel better, faster! Our expert blend of nutrients and vitamins helps strengthen your immune system, providing you with the protection you need to stay healthy and fight off illness. Whether you want to stay ahead of flu season or feel your best every day, our therapy is the perfect solution.


NAD is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a crucial coenzyme in every cell in your body. That’s why this therapy helps to fight a broad spectrum of diseases, providing you with the support you need to stay healthy and strong. Our treatment also helps the liver break down fats for energy, promotes healthy brain function, fights chronic fatigue, and increases metabolism. With added benefits such as cell regeneration, delayed aging, and reduced internal inflammation, you can experience the ultimate in disease prevention and health optimization.

Experience the secret of celebrities and athletes benefiting
from the impact of our revitalizing and rejuvenating IV Therapy.

Check these 10 benefits of IV Therapy:

Achieve 100% absorption of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for optimal health and well-being.

Replenish the body with pure hydration and restore electrolyte and fluid balance for peak performance.

Detoxify the body and cleanse vital organs to remove harmful toxins and promote longevity.

Boost immune function and prevent viral infections, allergies, colds, and flu.

Lose weight and burn fat for a leaner, healthier body.

Increase energy, improve athletic performance, and enhance healing and recovery from exercise for better physical performance.

Decrease stress and anxiety for greater peace of mind and overall well-being.

Slow and reverse the aging process for a more youthful appearance.

Enhance mental acuity, memory, and clarity, and alleviate hangovers for greater cognitive function.

Reduce migraines and chronic pain for better comfort and improved quality of life.

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