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We will support you from beginning to end during your personal injury process, including:

Medical attention of the most outstanding quality, carried out by professionals who will assist all your health needs and generate the complete documentation your case will require to be successful. 

Legal assessment with expert lawyers from our network.

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If you are a victim in a personal injury process and don´t know what to do next, you got to the right place. In Agape, you are our priority, and we are your ally.  Once you call us you´ll be able to access these services:

Agape Health Provider

Medical care

A team of expert doctors will evaluate your medical condition and offer you the most accurate treatment for your injuries and proper recovery.  Our doctors specialize in personal injury claims; therefore, they have the knowledge and experience to document everything you need to have the best outcome and be successful with your case.

Legal assessment

While you are in our facility on the road to recovery and focusing on your welfare, we will work hand in hand with your selected attorney to ensure we have all the required documentation to get the best reward for your claim, considering all your medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and any other inconvenience you have experienced.

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Agape Health Provider



If you are a victim of any of these accidents, we will support you every step of the way. Here are a few interesting facts on different kinds of accidents that may happen every day around you:

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If you are looking for specialized treatments for your health, wellness and beauty, we have a catalog of services focused on you, performed by experts and caring workers.

IV Therapy & Booster shots

Whether you’re seeking an energy boost, immune support, lose weight or improved mental clarity, we have the right IV Nutritional therapy for you. It involves administering a potent combination of essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system to enhance their effectiveness in the body.

We have nine different types of booster shots and ten IV infusions targeting specific needs. Try now this cutting-edge treatment that can help you achieve outstanding results in your mind and body.

Hair restoration

Try today our non-surgical procedure to treat alopecia and other forms of hair loss. Our Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair restoration treatment uses your body’s natural growth factors to stimulate the regrowth of hair follicles, leading to thicker, healthier-looking hair. 

With our advanced PRP hair restoration treatment, suitable for men and women, you can achieve natural-looking, long-lasting results. 

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When you trust in us as your health provider, you trust in years of experience, a devoted team, a professional network of doctors and lawyers, and total commitment to you and your process. Here are some achievements that make us proud.



We are so proud of the professional team that belongs to the Agape family. A team full of caring workers that will attend to all your needs. Get to know them a little better.

Dr. Francisco

M.D. General

“It is fulfilling to assist someone who has been through an accident and identify an injury in time. Serving as a guide and source of support during their recovery is a truly gratifying experience.”

Ana Luisa


Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

“I enjoy interacting with each patient and their own story, understanding their problems, and overall being able to help them. The best part is to witness their recovery.”


Jacqueline Figueroa

Medical and
Nursing Assistant

“My main motivation is to help every patient in their journey towards recovery, alleviating their pain and supporting them through the healing process.”


Jessica Orta


“Witnessing the transformation from a person in pain to one who has found comfort and healing is truly eye-opening.”


Yeimy Gutierrez


“Seeing the positive impact of my work, such as delivering good news about a patient’s case and witnessing their recovery, is truly rewarding.”



What is the impairment rating?

An impairment rating is a percentage, ranging from 0% to 100%, that indicates the impact of an accident on an individual’s health and quality of life. This rating is typically determined through a medical evaluation and diagnostic testing in the weeks or months following the accident. 

The impairment rating considers the severity of the injuries, the extent of medical treatments required, and the long-term effects of the injuries on the individual’s daily life, such as their ability to work and earn a living. If the injuries sustained in the accident prevent the individual from returning to work and result in lost wages, this can also impact their impairment rating. 

This rating is crucial because it serves as the foundation for insurance claims and other legal proceedings related to the accident. Therefore, accurate assessment and documentation of the impairment rating are essential to ensure that the individual receives fair compensation for their injuries and losses. 

How long should I wait to check my medical condition after an accident?

You should do it as soon as possible after the accident, even if you don´t think it is necessary. Many health complications related to accidents may manifest from days to weeks but could be treated way earlier.  

Keep this in mind! To be eligible for the benefits and coverage involving your PIP (Personal Injury Protection), you have only 14 days to practice a health observation, so don´t wait too long to schedule your medical evaluation with us. 

What is an EMC and why do I need it for a personal injury claim?

EMC stands for Emergency Medical Condition, and it is the first medical report created by a certified doctor to document the details of an accident. This report is essential for personal injury claims and may be required by all parties, including your attorney or insurance company. 

At our clinic, we understand the importance of an accurate and comprehensive EMC report. Our primary physician is certified to perform these exams, and our experienced medical team can help guide you through the recovery process from start to finish. 

Whether you need ongoing medical treatment or help to navigate the legal and insurance processes, we are here to help. Count on us to be your partner in healing and recovery. 

How long will it take to settle my case?

In the early stages of a personal injury claim, it is impossible to predict when a settlement will be reached. While some cases are resolved within months of the injury, others may take years to reach a resolution. Your lawyer will typically wait until you have completed your recovery or are close to recovery before attempting to settle your case. 

It is crucial to consider the following before settling your case: 

  • What is the total amount of your medical bills? 
  • Will you require any future medical treatments, and if so, who will be responsible for the costs? 
  • Are any of your injuries permanent, and how will they affect your earning capacity? 
  • What was your total loss of income, and how will any employment benefits affect your earning capacity? 
  • Is it likely that you will lose any further income due to your injury? 

The answers to these questions, among other factors, will influence your overall impairment rating and should be taken into consideration before reaching a settlement. 

As your case progresses, your lawyer will have a better understanding of the approximate time it will take to reach a settlement. Our team is committed to working with you every step of the way, answering any questions you may have and providing guidance to help you receive fair compensation for your injuries and losses.